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Water Quality Reports

The Summer Oaks well  is regulated and monitored by the Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources (DNR) as an "Other Than Municipal" (OTM) well.  This means it is a private well that is held up to municipal standards.  It is comprised of two 475 ft. wells and is tested on a routine basis in compliance with state law.


The Orange Flush

You may notice your water may run brown or orange after being away for some time.  This is the result of high iron content in the water that oxidizes when sitting stagnant.  Property owners can use water softener salt and other products that removes rust/iron or consider installing a water filter.  This may not completely remove the iron from the water, but can reduce it drastically.


SOCA Water Quality Reports are found on our Service Providers page.


Wisconsin DNR Consumer Confidence Report for the Summer Oaks Water Supply System

(NOTE: The CCR data for each year will normally be available by March 1 of the following year.)


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