Summer Oaks Condo Association

Merrimac, Wisconsin



Why is the pool closed today?

The pool may be closed for maintenance, health conditions, or inclement weather as required by law.

  • If rain prevents the people from seeing the bottom of the pool.
  • If there has been rain, thunder or lightening and the storm is projected to continue.
  • Lightning within a 30 mile radius. 
  • Mechanical breakdown.
  • Fecal matter.
  • Any time the pool cannot meet the state codes for the safety, maintenance and operation of pools and water attractions.
  • Broken glass will require a 1-2 week shutdown of the pool as it required to be drained and cleaned.  Unlike professional water parks, we do not have chemical feeders and have to condition and treat the water back to legal standard.

When the gates are locked, the pool is closed.  Jumping the fence is considered trespassing and will be prosecuted. 

The pool is open daily from 9am - 10pm from May 15th through the 1st Sunday in October.  Weather permitting.



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